When can I arrive on site ? 
Festival’s parkings & Campsites will open on the 04/08 at 08:00 AM  and will close on the 09/08 at 12:00 PM 
Where can I camp or park ?
Camping is allowed only on the designated areas (Tent Campsites & Caravan campsite)
No tents on the Caravan campsites
No car parking near tents ; all car must be parked at the Festival Parkings 
No private sound-systems on campsites !! 
Can I book rooms nearby the Festival to sleep ? 
Yes you have a some hotel and rbnb at around 10km, but you need a car
Are dogs allowed ?
No dogs allowed inside the festival site, near the stages or on the tent camping. Dogs
are accepted on caravan campsite only. If you decide to come by car with
your dogs, get prepared to walk a lot !! 
Can I pay with euros at Festival Bars ? 
To buy drinks at Fora de Tempo Bars (Techno & Psytrance Stage) you will need to change your euros for token at the Change Desks
You can use your own cash to buy food, accessories crafts & clothes at the Market Village.GENERAL INFOS
 ► Respect the gorgeous natural site of the Festival: bring only natural & biologic products
for hygiene & cleaning (natural quality manufactured products will
be propose on the market village).
 ► Be prepared for hot days but fresh nights (bring blankets, jackets) 
 ► Bring some plastic bottles and ecocup (for ecological reason) to fill in at water points : total
glass ban on the festival site 
 ► Total fire ban : Please take extremely care with your cigarets!!!