Trance Warehouse Acte 1 (Psytrance Edition) w/ Yabba Dabba

25 mai 2019 à 23h00

le sing sing 90 Chemin de la Flambère, Toulouse, France

Quant'Om Alchemy

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🎼 🎵 YABBA DABBA - Sangoma Records  🎶

Yabba dabba is the french project of Frederick B and Jeremy Q, both grew up in new caledonia, they explored the psychedelic world together and this experienced developed a several connection. now basing in france we are making a groovy deep and trippy sound with communicative energy on it

🎼 🎵EDEN LAKE - Digital Shamans Records  🎶

Eden Lake is a French artist, who has always loved music and partying. By rocking through the night and listening to the great rock'n'roll beats, he started to explore music a little more in his early years. Over a night he randomly heard some electronic music. As easy as it is, this is how he dragged his roots from what was a mostly rock and industrial influenced background to electronic sounds in 2012. He saw the possibilities that this kind music offered, mostly all.
In 2013 he had a picture of what great artists had already done, some of them being Illegal Machine, Synthetic Chaos and Chris Rich. This is how he discovered Psy-Trance and was astonished by it's groove, vibe and general atmosphere. That is how he started mixing in Lyon and it's surroundings.
In 2014 he ran for the Respublica(BORDEAUX)'s residency and won it ! Since then he regularly plays there. By the fall of 2014 he started to discover production and is currently working on a live project.
Mostly influenced by the artists that lead him to Psy-Trance he like to do it in his own style, his music is a mix of heavy bass, with a great groove in a dark sphere. He plays with your brain like he does on the master. Believe it, his set is going to be groovy as hell, a not to be missed. If you like
Illegal machines, Synthetic chaos, Dirty Saffi, Occular,Mark Day Ataro, Asimillion ,Psymetrix,Big Scary Monster Parasense and many others , be my guest!
For booking please contact :

🎼 🎵 ELFIE - Quant’Om Alchemy  🎶
Toulousaine passionnée de musique électronique sous toutes ses facettes ; et plus particulièrement de Techno, Progressive Techno, Trance Progressive, Psygressive et Psytrance, Elfie est Co-fondatrice de l'association Quant'Om Alchemy et membre du label W_anted Agency.
Parcourant les festivals et organisant de nombreux événements depuis 2014, elle partage ses découvertes musicales au travers de Djs Set Psytrance / Psygressive / Trance Progressive / Dark Progressive / Psy Dub.
C’est au fil des rencontres qu’elle puisa ses influences avec des grands noms comme Occular, Talpa, Radikal Moodz, Ajja, Earthling, ZZBing, Illegal Machines, Synthetic Chaos, Eden Lake, Fighting Shadows, Chris Rich, Dirty Saffi, Psymmetrix, … et plein d’autres encore !
Se lançant depuis quelques temps dans la production et vous pourrez suivre son avancée via les quelques extraits disponibles sur sa page soundcloud !
Retrouvez là sur le dancefloor pour un tapage de coussinet affirmé !

🎼 🎵 HUMALIEN - Independant 🎶
I'm a young Dj and producer mostly interested in Psytrance and Acid/Hardtekno.
I've been travelling for the past few years and getting inspiration from parties around the world.
All my sounds are free to download Smiley
Dj sets : [url=][/url]
Enjoy !



Creators of psychedelic art installations and visual landscapes for Trance events. Founded and directed by Guigui & Adri !


🌍: Le Sing Sing - 90 chemin de la Flambère - 31300 Toulouse (Accessible en metro)
🕒: 22h-6h
💰: 15€ sur place
Visuel Design by Elfie Leeway
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