'Into The Swamp of Trolls' is the latest Visionary Shamanics Radio Show Mix by Dryad.
Packed with a fulfillment of dark, forest and experimental sounds, Dryads musical journey will be sure to open your mind and deliver to your soul a driving audio experience.

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:: Track Listing ::

01.Flipknot - Eva Zandora
02.Petran - Moon Dance
03.Taakelur - Graveyard
04.Paracusia & Chudl - Dark Fluid
05.Hutti Heita - Fruitcake
06.Akkma - Jungle Dance
07.Gnawa - Gugu
08.Strix Aluco - Groundsurfing
09.Spirituz - Wake Up Dino
10.Time For Slime - Apparater

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