Hello from france :) 30min psy/prog mix

hello everyone
my name is paul i am from france  Smiley
i am a psy/goa vinyl collector  Smiley  and just decided to join the forum for sharing the love  Smiley
see you soon on the forums  Smiley

here is a quick 30min psy/prog improv mix for fun
not perfectly clean mixed but getting there  Smiley Smiley

hello, can u write down ur tracklist pls? Smiley
hi  Smiley
sorry about the tracklist but it was a sort of random mix lol
if a have time i will research what i played  Smiley
i know the 2nd tune is ZYCE world rebirth party (love that track  Smiley  )

next time maybe i will plan a set with a tracklist   Smiley
love and light  Smiley
the first track is also a zyce, ayahuasca, and the third is zentura - sonic masala, i don't know the fourth, the fifth is Symbolic & sphera - one step closer, don't know the sixth, the next is mindwave & sphera - perception, track 8  side effects - subconscious mind, and i don't know the last one.... quiet good tracks, but the mix is a bit sloppy, surely because you use a serato Smiley
pourquoi ca parle anglais ici? ^^
parce que c'est paul from France.

welcome paul ....... mix psytrance with vinyl  Smiley  Smiley
hello Smiley
thanks for the tracklist  Smiley
yes i am still a bit sloppy need to practice more  Smiley
just to make it clear i am from the UK but live in france Smiley that is why i speak english  Smiley