[GOA] Starline Tour

DJ GoaPal - Starline Tour (2018)

Listen now: https://soundcloud.com/globals…/dj-goapal-starline-tour-2018

Dear passengers, welcome aboard to the interstellar cruiser "Starline". You will have an amazing adventure in the most magnificent corners of inhabited outer space. You will visit the most interesting planets and meet cultures of the ancient powerful civilizations of the Universe.

Fasten your seatbelts, we wish you a pleasant flight!

We present to you a fresh mix from DJ GoaPal (Global Sect Music), which is filled with cosmic vibrations of the old school Goa trance. Magnificent
mixing and selection didn't leave us indifferent and we are gladly sharing this creation with you.

1. Kurandini - Brahamantra (VA - The Mystery of Crystal Worlds, Global Sect Music, 2015) 
2. Centavra Project - Capsula (VA - The Mystery of Crystal Worlds, Global Sect Music, 2015) 
3. Man With No Name - Lunar Cycle (LP - Teleportation, Dragonfly Records, 2000)
4. E-Mantra & Nova Fractal & Oxi - Stargate (VA - The Mystery of Crystal Worlds, Global Sect Music, 2015) 
5. Merr0w - Utopian Society (VA - Twist Dreams, Suntrip Records, 2007) 
6. Triquetra - Mordocs Challenge (VA - Phases of Madness, Goa Madness Records, 2017)
7. Sirius - Intergalactic (VA - The Mystery of Crystal Worlds, Global Sect Music, 2015) 
8. Astrancer - Athanaton (VA - Energy Waves, Suntrip Records, 2010)
9. Liquid Flow - Land Of Time (VA - Planet Riders, Dimensional Records, 2011) 
10. Merr0w - Mind Blowing ( LP - Born Underwater, Suntrip Records, 2009)
11. J.I.S - Journey In My Head (VA - Goa Overdose 3, UAF Records, 2013)
12. Filteria - Food Demons (Demons Head Remix) (LP - Lost In The Wild, Suntrip Records, 2013)
13. Ephedra - Disappearing Dreams (VA - Goa Trance Revolution 2. Retrofuturism, 2016) 
14. Centavra Project - Journey To Another Worlds (Mix 2017) (VA - Terraformer, Global Sect Music, 2017)
15. Psy-H Project - Crystal Worlds (VA - The Mystery of Crystal Worlds, Global Sect Music, 2015)

DJ GoaPal:

Cover art: Anahart Art 
Mastering: 4CN-Studios 
Release date: 12 january, 2018 
Support by Global Sect Music.
J'vais me mettre sur le pc et m'y jeter les oreilles tiens &-8
en esperant que le vol te plaise Smiley
j'ai voulu me focaliser à retrouver le Astrancer au hasard des clics, j'ai tout nické mon vol -_-
à refaire ceci dit, j'aime bien l'intro ça me remémore les premières sonorités qui me venaient aux oreilles avant de découvrir la teuf...
NoirFluo a écrit :

-> astrancer c est vers la 36ieme minute
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> OKAY <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ^^ merci