Promotion de vos tracks !

secret side wrote :
voici la playlist actuelle :

Secret Side - Pod Racer
Sychovibes - Incoming
JemB - Personnal RhesusTC
Csx - Neurolyser Rmx
Madmind - Cluster attack
Neosens - ANNWN
Neosens - Blasting
Gloumout - Space bullet
Nox - Doomed
Lipo - Electroniak

c'est toujours ouvert aux amateurs ! manque de la prog la dedans quand même Smiley

Salut je bosse sur un track prog je t'envois le lien sendspace en wave des qu'il est fini.
Super ça, je pense pouvoir partager un track au "grand public" maintenant Smiley Merci !
Super idée
Hey everyone! I got a pretty interesting song I made that I'd like to share with you all. It's about 3 songs in one where the first 10 minute are a slower psybient style kinda track and the rest picks off more uptempo with the traditional kick and bass structure of edm. Why 3 in 1, well it was all entirely made with 1 vsti synth, mpowersynth by melda. All drums, bass, leads, pads, etc from one synth. I just through everything I made into one track. Hope you guys like it and interesting in hearing your feeback. Cheers